Seiko Books

I have a wish, a wish that someone talented would write a series of books in the English language about Seiko. Given the interesting and long history, the huge number of different watches produced and the many innovations Seiko has made it could easily be a whole series of books. I am thinking of books with very detailed descriptions of “all” watches Seiko has ever made. Of course supported with photographs of the highest quality. I am sure I would not be the only one buying it. So, anyone up for the job?

There are books about Seiko, mainly in Japanese and not very recent though. They are also not exactly as encyclopaedia-like as I would like to see.

For now we have to do with what is available and I would like to recommend three books that I think everyone interested in Seiko would appreciate. The first one is “The Seiko Book” (1999, Goods Press Special, ISBN4-19-710056-6). It covers some important phases in the Seiko history, like Grand Seiko, early Seiko watches, Marvel & Cronos, Swiss Chronometer competition, Seiko Quartz and more. The biggest problem is that apart from the headings it is all in Japanese. You can enjoy some of the specifications and of course the pictures though. The best part is a table over 9 pages with data of all Seiko watch movements from 1913 to 1998.


The second book I want to make you aware of is the “Museum of Japanese made Watches” (WORLD PHOTO PRESS, early to mid 90s). The book to the left in the top picture. It covers watches from Japanese manufacturers Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Ricoh and Takano. The watches are presented in various chapters like “Standard Model”, “Early Military Watches”, “Chronograph” etc. Pictures and a brief specification (in Japanese) of all watches. A very good book if you are interested in vintage pieces. It would be very beneficial if it was in English though.

The last book is actually one in English. “A Journey in Time. The Remarkable Story of SEIKO” (Seiko Corporation, 2003). It covers the whole history of Seiko going a bit deeper in certain areas (like The Grammar Of Design and Sport Watches That Go To Extremes (first divers etc). It was handed out in Seiko stores but you can find a pdf version here:


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