The Return Of A True Classic

When I first saw the SEIKO SBDX001 a.k.a. MM300 or Marinemaster 300 in the first year of the new millennium I did not really notice it as something special. Around 2004 I bought my first one and was thrilled with the heft and quality of the watch. And when taking the price into account it was a true bargain. I have since had several including the SBDX003 (from the Historical Collection Y2K) and the latest SBDX012 (Seiko divers 50 years anniversary watch from last year). The MM300 has been in production since the year 2000 and the original SBDX001 was recently replaced with the SBDX017. As far as I can tell the difference are only:

  • The crown is now signed (etched Prospex logo).
  • Diashield coated case and bracelet
  • The keeper on the complementary rubber strap is now made of metal i.s.o. rubber

After being without a Marinemaster for a year I now went out and got a new one and this SBDX017 will be staying in the collection. After all it is a true classic with a grand heritage back to the 6159-7000 from 1968.

SBDX012, 2015 & 6159-7000, 1968

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