Proud To Be Quartz!

It is well known that SEIKO was a pioneer when it comes to watches regulated by a quartz crystal. The first commercially launched wrist watch was the Astron launched on December 25th 1969.
Quartz watches was the thing in the seventies and the major part of the eighties. During this time the technology also became a commodity known mainly for powering low cost watches. A “real” watch was still a mechanical one… You were not a WIS if you liked quartz watches. Seiko however never stopped using or developing their quartz movements. And they have always, and rightly so, been very proud of it.

SBGV019, 2016

Recently I added a very nice watch to my collection, the Grand Seiko SBGV019.
This is a 9F82 quartz powered watch with the accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per year.
As always, everything is made in-house by Seiko including the battery.

The dial-side of the SBGV019 is a standard brilliant champagne GS one with excellent markers and razor sharp hands. Nothing new or special. However the main thing with this one is the back. What Seiko did is putting a sapphire crystal there making it possible for the owner to take a look at the great looking quartz movement whenever he or she wants to. Brilliant!

SBGV019, 2016

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