GS 2.0 the new dials

It is now probably well known that Grand Seiko will be a brand of its own. This was announced at Baselworld 2017. The watches will no longer have SEIKO on the dials, instead a prominent applied GS with Grand Seiko below will sit just under the 12 o’clock marker. All the older models will be reworked with the new look. Reference numbers will change having a 2 at the beginning (e.g. SBGD001 –> SBGD201). The old ones are being phased out. Now you can see all the reworked ones at the official Grand Seiko site, check the Japan version for the complete collection:


New Seiko 2016 Catalog

There is a new Seiko Catalog for 2016!

Click catalog picture for access to it in pdf.


Many of the new watches are in e.g. the Transoceans (regular and chronographs):


Seiko Prospex 6309 re-issues

In November 2015 it was announced that Seiko would be releaseing a re-issue of their well known 6306/6309 diver from the seventies. The new versions, SRP77x, would be available at the end of the year or early 2016 depending on market. There will be several versions; black/black, blue/blue, black/pepsi, black/black with gold trimmings and also two versions with blue/black and black/red(orange) bezel and colored minute hand later.

SRPs 3
Clockwise; SRP773, 775, 777 and 779

The new watch is a great update to the classic. 4R36 hack and handwindable movement, great siliconstrap with a bold buckle and signed metal keeper. As always with Seiko, super lume and a nice bracelet (with the blue one) with solid end links.

I am sure Seiko dealers can already report that this one is a hit!

Proud To Be Quartz!

It is well known that SEIKO was a pioneer when it comes to watches regulated by a quartz crystal. The first commercially launched wrist watch was the Astron launched on December 25th 1969.
Quartz watches was the thing in the seventies and the major part of the eighties. During this time the technology also became a commodity known mainly for powering low cost watches. A “real” watch was still a mechanical one… You were not a WIS if you liked quartz watches. Seiko however never stopped using or developing their quartz movements. And they have always, and rightly so, been very proud of it.

SBGV019, 2016

Recently I added a very nice watch to my collection, the Grand Seiko SBGV019.
This is a 9F82 quartz powered watch with the accuracy of +/- 5 seconds per year.
As always, everything is made in-house by Seiko including the battery.

The dial-side of the SBGV019 is a standard brilliant champagne GS one with excellent markers and razor sharp hands. Nothing new or special. However the main thing with this one is the back. What Seiko did is putting a sapphire crystal there making it possible for the owner to take a look at the great looking quartz movement whenever he or she wants to. Brilliant!

SBGV019, 2016

The Return Of A True Classic

When I first saw the SEIKO SBDX001 a.k.a. MM300 or Marinemaster 300 in the first year of the new millennium I did not really notice it as something special. Around 2004 I bought my first one and was thrilled with the heft and quality of the watch. And when taking the price into account it was a true bargain. I have since had several including the SBDX003 (from the Historical Collection Y2K) and the latest SBDX012 (Seiko divers 50 years anniversary watch from last year). The MM300 has been in production since the year 2000 and the original SBDX001 was recently replaced with the SBDX017. As far as I can tell the difference are only:

  • The crown is now signed (etched Prospex logo).
  • Diashield coated case and bracelet
  • The keeper on the complementary rubber strap is now made of metal i.s.o. rubber

After being without a Marinemaster for a year I now went out and got a new one and this SBDX017 will be staying in the collection. After all it is a true classic with a grand heritage back to the 6159-7000 from 1968.

SBDX012, 2015 & 6159-7000, 1968

Seiko Premium Boutique

If you like Seiko and will be travelling to Tokyo be sure not to miss the Seiko Premium Boutique. This store, the first and so far only one of it’s kind, opened in Ginza Tokyo on July 30th 2015. The Boutique only carries the three luxury brands from Seiko; Grand Seiko, Credor and Galante.

GS Cred Gal

The widest selection of Grand Seiko is available here, and Credor masterpieces such as the Spring Drive Minute Repeater, which sells for over 30,000,000 yen, are displayed.
Hopefully the next Premium Boutique will open in Stockholm… I am not holding my breath though.


Seiko Premium Boutique site


Seiko Premium Boutique
7-9-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

Store Hours 11:00-20:00(19:00 on Sundays and public holidays)

TEL 03-3562-3800/FAX 03-3562-3801

Prem boutique map

Seiko Books

I have a wish, a wish that someone talented would write a series of books in the English language about Seiko. Given the interesting and long history, the huge number of different watches produced and the many innovations Seiko has made it could easily be a whole series of books. I am thinking of books with very detailed descriptions of “all” watches Seiko has ever made. Of course supported with photographs of the highest quality. I am sure I would not be the only one buying it. So, anyone up for the job?

There are books about Seiko, mainly in Japanese and not very recent though. They are also not exactly as encyclopaedia-like as I would like to see.

For now we have to do with what is available and I would like to recommend three books that I think everyone interested in Seiko would appreciate. The first one is “The Seiko Book” (1999, Goods Press Special, ISBN4-19-710056-6). It covers some important phases in the Seiko history, like Grand Seiko, early Seiko watches, Marvel & Cronos, Swiss Chronometer competition, Seiko Quartz and more. The biggest problem is that apart from the headings it is all in Japanese. You can enjoy some of the specifications and of course the pictures though. The best part is a table over 9 pages with data of all Seiko watch movements from 1913 to 1998.


The second book I want to make you aware of is the “Museum of Japanese made Watches” (WORLD PHOTO PRESS, early to mid 90s). The book to the left in the top picture. It covers watches from Japanese manufacturers Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Ricoh and Takano. The watches are presented in various chapters like “Standard Model”, “Early Military Watches”, “Chronograph” etc. Pictures and a brief specification (in Japanese) of all watches. A very good book if you are interested in vintage pieces. It would be very beneficial if it was in English though.

The last book is actually one in English. “A Journey in Time. The Remarkable Story of SEIKO” (Seiko Corporation, 2003). It covers the whole history of Seiko going a bit deeper in certain areas (like The Grammar Of Design and Sport Watches That Go To Extremes (first divers etc). It was handed out in Seiko stores but you can find a pdf version here:


Mondani Patek Books


Today I received a late Christmas present (yes, bought it myself) from Guido Mondani Editore. It is the three volume book set about collecting Patek.
2000 watches, 2000 beautiful pictures on 960 pages. High quality indeed.
These will make for a very good read and a brilliant reference for future hunts.

Mondani Books