To celebrate that Grand Seiko from now on is a brand entirely on its own three limited editions were launched. These reproductions are very true to the first Grand Seiko from 1960. The distinctive style of the case, the profile of the glass (though now sapphire instead of plexi), the medallion on the back and even the 8-pointed star on the dial (for the platinum and the gold version) designating that these dials are “Special Dials”, SD, meaning that the indexes are made of preciouss metal, have been recreated. The biggest difference to the original are the missing Chronometer text below the name and the size that has grown to a very pleasant and modern 38mm.

The three watches are; SBGW251 in Platinum 999 (136 pcs as it was 136 years since the birth of Seiko), SBGW252 in 18k yellow gold (353 pcs as the first Grand Seiko was launched on the 353rd day of the year 1960) and the SBGW253 in stainless steel (1960pcs). All three share the 24 jewel, 28.800 bph 9S64 hand wound caliber. The accuracy is -3 to +5s per day except for the SBGW251 which has been adjusted to -1 to +5 s per day. The thickness is 10.7mm except for the SS version that is 0.5mm taller at 11.2mm.

There were three very different treatments for the dials of the first Grand Seiko. The words Grand Seiko were printed in black or engraved with corrosion-resistant nickel plating, or embossed in relief with a gold finish. For the new limited series the embossed relief has been used except for the platinum one where a very nicely done engraving was chosen. Also worth mentioning is that the base material of the dial of the SBGW251 is gold.

On all three you will get the same lion-medallion as on the original. Especially aealing is the one on the SBGW253 where the gold really stands out against the steel.

The crown has the same type of “S” as in 1960 and the buckle is also historically correct.

crown and clasp SBGWs

Last but not least the watches in this series will come with a certificate that echoes the one of the first Grand Seiko.

certificate SBGWs

Pricing: SBGW251, 38.500€, SBGW252, 21.700€ and SBGW253, 7.200€
Availability: now

Bild 5 SBGW252
Bild 6 SBGW252 back
Bild 1 SBGW252 och första GS 3180
SBGW252 and a 3180 from 1963
SBGW253 (2017) & SBGW033 (2011)